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Sloan Carr has conducted a private tax practice in Rio Rancho, New Mexico since 1993.  Teaching clients how to successfully integrate tax-savings measures into their lives and businesses is the centerpiece of her practice.  She prepares tax returns for individuals and businesses, handles audits and represents her clients before the IRS.  Carr counsels entrepreneurs on start-up tactics and business planning, handles estate work, and will provide strategic advice on all financial matters.   


A CPA since 1979, Carr has served as a bank president, a controller for a major high-tech corporation, and as economic development advisor to a governor.  She has audited businesses and prepared tax returns for Deloitte Touche, taught entrepreneurship at the graduate level, directed an SBA Small Business Development Center, and sat on numerous boards, both private and public.  Carr holds an undergraduate business degree from Emory University and a Masters from the Wharton Business School.  

Finally, Sloan Carr is a ‘people person,’ and her practice reflects this.  The fulfilling, one-on-one experience she provides each and every client characterizes not only her business style, but the motives within it:  to teach, assist, and enable that client to save money and grow wealth.​​


Sloan W Carr CPA

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