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Business Services

We've worked with every imaginable type of business, from start up entity to large and proven corporation, from land developer to locksmith, and we see the same similarities again and again. Two of them stand out:

First: People can be really great at what they do, but not so great at tax analysis, planning, and preparation.

Second: Even if they're good at doing both, they just don't have the time.

A wise business owner does not act as his own attorney. Nor does he repair his own computer, design his own advertising, or haul his own trash to the dump. Why? See above! If you barely understand your own personal taxes, just wait 'til you attempt a corporate return after a long twelve hour day!


Do you know the difference between an S-corp or an LLC? Do you know how these differing types of entities are taxed? We can prepare tax returns for any type of business formation and for any state. 


Receive a letter from the IRS? Sometimes those penalties and fines can be abated with the right request. Though we can never guarantee a result when dealing with an organization like the IRS, we do find many fines have wiggle room. Asking never hurts!

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