How do I pay my federal tax bill? (Credit Card, EFT, or Paper Check)

There are a number of options to pay your tax bill. You can use a credit card (though a provider below, or in our office after we have prepared your taxes), a bank transfer, or even mail in a paper check:

Credit Card Payment Option
PayUSATax (1.96% processing fee)
Pay1040:  (1.87% processing fee)
OfficialPayments: (1.99% processing fee)

Pay with Bank Transfer (Non-business):
IRS Direct Pay (Government Website, no fee, and no registration requirement)
Pay with Bank Transfer (All):
(Government Website, no fee)

When using any of the above methods we highly suggest double checking all infomration before submission. Further, we always suggest you print a final confirmation page of the payment for your records.

Pay by Check:
When sending in a payment to the IRS always include a payment voucher with the check. This indicates to the service what account you are paying for, for which year, and the type of tax you are paying.k

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