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How does an extension work?

An extension, in simplest terms, is an extra amount of time to file your tax return. This means, in most cases (other than small partnerships), a taxable entity is given an extra six months to file a tax return. 

-An extension doesn't extend your time to pay your taxes. Even if one is requested, an estimate (and  payment) must be made on the final tax liability. If you do not pay your tax liability by APRIL 15th you WILL pay late payment penalties! If you need extra time to pay your taxes, an installment agreement can be made with the IRS.
-An extension doesn't make your account look suspicious to the IRS. They know life is busy, and people have to collect and tabulate for the entire year. 
-Please request an extension to be filed, WE WILL NOT FILE ONE WITHOUT SPEAKING WITH YOU FIRST!

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