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When is my tax return due?

Holidays & Weekends: Any due date falling on a weekend or holiday is due on the next business day.

2018 Personal Dates*:
January 15th Make Final 2018 Estimated Tax Payment
January 28th First day to electronically file (Delayed By IRS due to government shutdown)
January 28th First IRS acknowledgements of e-filed returns (Delayed By IRS due to government shutdown)
April 15th Last day to e-file timely returns and request personal extensions
April 15th Make First 2019 Estimated Tax Payment
April 15th Last day to make IRA contributions for 2018 Tax Year
June 15th Make Second 2019 Estimated Tax Payment
June 30th Last day to file FBAR foreign asset informational return
September 15th Make Third 2019 Estimated Tax Payment
October 15th Last day to e-file returns that received 6-month extension

2018 Business/Other Entity Dates*:
(Note: Estate tax returns for deceased individuals are due nine months after the date of death, a six month extension is available.)
Juanuary 31st Last day for W2/1099 Issuance and mailing

March 15th Last day to file a calendar year S-corp return  or S-corp extension/Partnerships and extensions

April 15th Last day to file a calendar year C-corp return or C-corp extension
April 15th Last day to file trust returns or trust extensions
May 15th Last day for non-profits to file informational returns

* Please Note: These dates are for reference purposes only. We do our best to only post accurate information, but from time to time we have a misprint. Please try to file your tax return well in advance to forego any chance of late filing penalties and interest. Also, this list may not be all inclusive, and especially does not include any state related requirements or deadlines.

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